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2009 publications resulting from primary MRSEC support

Abbas, S.; Cowman, C.D. ; Lodge, T.P. Effect of Added Homopolymer on the Hexagonal Phase Formed by Cylindrical Block Copolymer Micelles in a Selective Solvent. Macromol. Rapid Commun., 2009, 30, 352.

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Coropceanu, V.; Sanchez-Carrera, R.S.; Paramonov, P.; Day, G.M.; Bredas, J.L. The Interaction of Charge Carriers with Lattice Vibrations in Organic Molecular Semiconductors: Napthalene as a Case Study. J. of Phys. Chem., 2009, 113, 4679.

Demirgöz, D.; Pangburn, T.O.; Davis, K.P.; Lee, S.; Bates, F.S.; Kokkoli, E. PR_b-Targeted Delivery of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α by Polymersomes for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer. Soft Matter, 2009, 5, 2011.

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Xia, Y.; Cho, J.H.; Lee, J.; Ruden, P.P.; Frisbie, C.D. Comparison of the Mobility-Carrier Density Relation in Polymer and Single-Crystal Organic Transistors Employing Vacuum and Liquid Gate Dielectrics. Adv. Mater., 2009, 21, 2174.

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2009 publications resulting from partial MRSEC support

Boies, A. M;, Roberts, J. T.; Girshick, S. L; Zhang, B.; Nakamura, T.; Mochizuki, A. SiO2 Coating of Silver Nanoparticles by Photoinduced Chemical Vapor Deposition. Nanotechnology, 2009, 20, 295604.

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2009 publications resulting from use of Shared Facilities

Bai, Z.; Lodge, T.P. Thermodynamics and Mechanism of the Block Copolymer Micelle Shuttle between Water and an Ionic Liquid. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2009, 113, 14151.

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